We are a team of people who believe that new technologies, transfer of innovation, and social dialogue make it possible for anybody to build an impactful business and become financially self-sustainable.

By technology, we don't mean anything too complex or unattainable. By technology, we mean web apps, mobile apps, helpful software and online tools that are easy to use. All these tools make businesses much more productive, save them thousands of work hours, and significantly reduce their costs.

Also, the key characteristic of the latest software tools is that they are widely accessible, even to micro-enterprises or solo entrepreneurs with limited funds.

These businesses, however small, drive the local economies. That's why they need access to affordable and simple resources that will help them stay competitive and accelerate their growth.





Personal growth and development of essential skills.



Social dialogue between private and public sector.

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Web and mobile tools to grow a successful business.



Cooperation with academia and transfer of knowledge.


Focus on social and environmental impact.



Collaboration and partnerships of inspiring individuals.




Between 2015 and 2017, we’ve organized 60+ training sessions and successful events for 2100+ early-stage entrepreneurs, students, and small business owners all over the globe.

"Thank you so much for helping us! We will not stop."

Bevon, Jamaica



"I would like to thank you for developing such an easy to use platform but also for sharing your message. Both have definitely found another follower in me."

Narjiss, Morocco


“This was certainly a wonderful program I appreciate I had the privilege of attending! It has provided me with all sorts of information... from how to start a business, how to market a business, to all the tools that are now available to entrepreneurs and help you to really streamline, to save money, as well as to give yourself a better online presence. I really appreciate this training and I've learned quite a lot."

Joel, Dominica


In the name of all the participants, many thanks for sharing all the knowledge you provided to support small businesses. Your training gave a real booster and touched our heart. 

Alejandro, Belize

"We appreciate the many hours of hard work you guys have registered in building our knowledge base. It is really a win-win situation and we feel we are all winners. I am sufficiently encouraged and motivated to pursue expansion of my business."

Earl, Jamaica


I am writing to let you know that your presentation on the tools to use in business has lit up the fire for entrepreneurship. I have signed up for most of the applications you presented.

Gideon, South Africa